Partnership for Research with Universities of Turin and Lyon:

For a few years now ISIL has invested in research in a multilinear way on the development of production technologies and on materials.

ISIL’s Head Offices and the University of Turin have been cooperating from several yearsnow involving the Dept. of Metallurgy of the POLITECNICO with their students and professors.

The researches have been oriented on production technologies, on special lubricants to improve performances of “extreme” forming processes such as deep-drawing and on raw materials and their characteristics.

The French company of the group, SEP s.a. also cooperates from a few years now with the University of Lyon carrying out projects on deep-drawing at high speed – of which SEP is European leader – and on basic lubricants from an environmental point of view.

All these collaborations have already resulted in significant improvements for our customersthanks to the rationalisation of the processes and the environmental impact reduction.