Pressing, precise and deep Drawing, Assembling, MIG/MAG and LASER Welding, Calendering, Washing, Tumbling, Sandblasting:

During the last years ISIL Group has highly invested in technologies for large volume manufacturing with extremely high automation.

Many of our pressing, assembling and machining processes are completely automated, ensuring quality and stability of the final product.

Our top quality certification level historically includes ISO 9001:2008, for mass production and also for the design and manufacturing of complete production lines sold worldwide.

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Pressed, drawn, assembled or welded, medium and big size parts
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Precise drawing

for small size parts

Housing for hermetic compressors Automotive and motor parts

Moreover, some processes are specifically certified with certifications such as P.E.D. (Pressure Equipement Directive) for hermetically sealed pressure housings of which ISIL Group is production leader worldwide.